Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Date Night: A Blast!

Joe & Hadley Reed
Dads & Daughters spend some quality time coloring.
The Ramsey girls & their "Daddy"
Tim & Anne Rhodes
Audrey, Max, & Cora Kickbush
Anastazia Barnes whispers to her dad in a game of "Telephone." Kendal and Ed Sampson look on.
Dads, decked out in trash bags to keep safe from dripping pudding, guide their blindfolded daughters to them, who then have to spoon-feed them pudding--as uickly as possible!

Merissa Ramsey gives her dad a kiss.
Tim Daugherty with his three daughters, Madi, Emily, and Abby.
Ray & Hannah Kuchel

Destanie, Mike, & Anastazia Barnes