Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids Day Camp Award Recipients

Day Campers from the 2009 Kids' Day Camp Summer Enrichment stand with their award certificates Sunday morning. Congratulations to all the Day Campers who achieved outstanding things!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kids' Day Camp Awards Ceremony
Sunday June 28 10:00am
Each child to be awarded certificate for participation.
Awards also to be given in the following catergories:
Rock Painting
Most Curious
MacAllister "Employee" of the Day
Enthusiastic Farmer
Best Friend
Best Manners
Best Naturalist
Junior Fireman/ Firewoman
Hiker Award

Kids Day Camp Day 3: Careers Day

Mr. Nick gave us a tour of the service shop and took Day Campers out for the equipment demonstration.

Mr. Matt demonstrates some of the equipment.

Sarah tosses a football.
Anistazia cathes the footballs as they are tossed through the tire.

Assembling toy machines with toy drills is fun at any age!
The 9-13 years olds (pictured above) design and create safety posters, while the younger kids had a coloring contest.
Day Campers consume Happy Meals!
A group photo with Bro. Joe Reed of MacAllister Machinery.
Day campers paint rocks for their garden decor.

Bro. Benningfield shows us all the compartments and gadgets on a fire truck.
Allison and Ally watch the listen to the fire truck presentation.
Children work on a library craft.
Tim Moore models a fireman's clotheing and equipment

Bro. Benningfield demonstrates fire safety techniques

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kids Day Camp Day 2: Wildlife Resources Day!

Marie asks each of us what our favorite animal is.
Great Horned Owl
We compared the coverings of feathers, fur, and scales, as she shows us a beaver hide.
Marie shows us a box turtle.
Chris looks at the "sticky toes" of a tree frog.

A Western Fox Snake is kind enough to let everyone pet him.

Marie, the Naturalist, points out a frog hiding in the pond.
Hiking the trail.
Everyone was excited to go fishing!

Tyler Martis caught the first fish!
Cody Tibbs caught the second fish!

Sis. Tracy reads some great stories to wind us all down.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kids' Day Camp Ag Day @ Hesters' Dairy Farm

Mrs. Hesters and Reece's were great tour guides and hostesses.Group photo with a pioneer landscape.
Where the milking takes place.
One of the many cats who were delighted to be petted.
In the milk house.
bunny rabbit
Looking at the ducks, who are a bit shy.
Shameless, the horse.
Bro. Tim M. tries to kiss the pig, but they aren't too interested.
The kids got to sit on this cow.

Resse's the farm dog was a big hit!
Mrs. Hesters shows us around the log cabin and demonstrates how the player piano works.
Bro. Tim gives it a try and finds it's harder than it looks.

Farmer Hesters himself gave us all a hay wagon ride out to the pasture and back.
Jimmy found a toad.
Relay race with cold wet sponge on the head feels great in 90+ degree humidity!

The Walkerton Lincoln-Polk Township Library concludes the day with stories, songs, crafts and games.