Friday, June 26, 2009

Kids Day Camp Day 3: Careers Day

Mr. Nick gave us a tour of the service shop and took Day Campers out for the equipment demonstration.

Mr. Matt demonstrates some of the equipment.

Sarah tosses a football.
Anistazia cathes the footballs as they are tossed through the tire.

Assembling toy machines with toy drills is fun at any age!
The 9-13 years olds (pictured above) design and create safety posters, while the younger kids had a coloring contest.
Day Campers consume Happy Meals!
A group photo with Bro. Joe Reed of MacAllister Machinery.
Day campers paint rocks for their garden decor.

Bro. Benningfield shows us all the compartments and gadgets on a fire truck.
Allison and Ally watch the listen to the fire truck presentation.
Children work on a library craft.
Tim Moore models a fireman's clotheing and equipment

Bro. Benningfield demonstrates fire safety techniques